Thursday, April 2, 2009

Makensie...I don't think I like her....

Meet Makensie. She is Nathan's "girlfriend". I'm not gonna lie, I'm not a fan. She's cute enough with her golden brown hair and outgoing personaity. Oh, she looks innocent, but she's after my seven year old and I don't like it!!!!

She came to his class birthday party on Friday night at Let's Jump. Her dad was really nice. He dropped her off, and she is sweet, too sweet!

A warning to mothers...the girls are all over boys at an early age these days! Look at her kissing my baby! And although it may look like pure bliss on his face, I see something only a mother could see. He is struggling, I think almost crying on the inside. He wants his mommy. He doesn't want some coodie girl kissing him and taking over his life! He wants to have Thanksgiving at my house and he wants me to do his laundry. He says that he isn't moving out until he is fourty because he'll miss ME too much! So sorry Makensie, go dig your female claws into someone else's son....mine is totally not you can see!

Oh and Corbin I don't appreciate your daughter in law comment after this picture! If you weren't 9 I would have kicked you right out of the party!!!


  1. HAHAHA! This is HILARIOUS because I always tell Amanda, Amber, and who ever else will listen that I do NOT like this little girl in Lathan's class that is all over him! Seriously! What would their mother's say if they knew we had to watch their litte girls kiss our boys cheeks... much to the dread and dismay of Lathan's teacher, by the way! Everyday when I pick him up she is in his face! She's like a female Dennis-the-menace.

    I did feel bad for Lathan when he told me Rihannon broke up with him because he kept telling her he was not her boyfriend...
    not too bad... but you know.

  2. I hope her parents don't see this - you are a mean mommy! But really kissing like that at their age is not cool and I would have stopped it. This is why we are locking Gillian up at the nun's school soon! :>

  3. Yes, we're the evil jerk mother-in-laws to be... I don't think I have a problem with that. lol

  4. Yeah, I'm really okay with that too! If I get one good daughter in law I will be thrilled! I'm a good daughter in law though so maybe karma will come around for me :)