Monday, April 20, 2009

Becky's wedding!

This weekend the kids and I went to the wedding one of my sister-in-laws best friends. It was really a cool wedding! You know those anal bride's that won't so much as let their groom take off their tie at a weddding? She was nothing like that. Kyle, the groom, was in his white t-shirt half way throught the reception. They were both super laid back and seemed like they just wanted to have fun! Their families are both incredibly nice and the wedding was gorgeous! It was at a place that just opened a couple of months ago in Colleyville town square called Village In The Piazza. It's kindof a Tuscan theme place with a beautiful chapel.

By now you should all know that the first thing my boys did was each find a girlfriend for the evening. Nathan got Misty a 20 something year old. She was his girlfriend at Azur's wedding too, and when he saw her walk down the aisle for this wedding his eyes lit up in the same way I remember my brother's eyes lighting up the first time he hung up his first poster of Cindy Crawford in a bikini! SCARY!!! He even remembered her name from last May. I'm not sure that Makensie would be very happy if she could see this picture, how about you? Then the reception comes and this cute little girl who is three (or "freeee!!!" as she said when I asked her) came and set her sights on Nicholas. Now she really is adorable, so I guess I don't have much to say about her! She danced with both of the boys all night,that little
Caroline, and Nicholas liked her a lot!

Oh well, my daughter hung out with me! I guess this is going to be the story of my life, my boys out chasing girls, and my sweet angel girl staying close to her mama....

So while the reception is going on they call out all the married couples to the dance floor for an "anniversary" dance. So
out they all go (Justin was working, that's why I say, "They all") and the deejay starts telling them if they've been married less than 5 ye
ars they have to leave the floor, if they've been married less than 10 years they have to leave the floor and so the last couple standing is this cute little old couple (Becky's Grandparents) he is about 6'5" and she is just a little bitty thing. They had been married for 63 years!!!! Can you imagine?

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