Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oh Belize...How I miss you....

Justin and I went to Belize last July, just 8 months ago, and while we always enjoy our vacations with Kristin and Brian that one definitely left a lot to be desired! We stayed in a two bedroom condo on the south end of Ambergris Caye, a small island off the coast of Belize. It was not all-inclusive which we were used to, and I had never seen or been bitten by so many mosquitoes in my entire life! It was just an all around disappointing trip and I swore that it would be the last time I would go to that miserable island as long as I lived.....Fast forward to the weekend before last..... We went to Houston to this adorable little boys 2ND birthday party. His name is Sean (he's the one on the left) and he is Justin's cousin's baby. You follow? Well his parents were going with some of Justin's other family to Belize and they invited us ALL EXPENSES PAID!!! Now, while I wasn't a big fan of Belize this puts a whole new spin on it! Of course we went, without our kids, Matt (his cousin) said he would fly us all out but our kids don't have passports and there was no way we could have gotten them in time to go so with help from pretty much all of our family (thanks Gran, Big Pops, Uncle Matt, Mitch and Aunt Jena)we got the kids taken care of while we went for three nights and four days of heaven!

We stayed at Ramon's Village along with Matt, his wife Virag and son Sean, Matt's sister Kellie and their cousin Liz, Matt and Virag's friends also came Stephanie, David and their son Caden. We had a big group and a great time! The resort was fantastic the food was great, the drinks were even better, thanks to that lovely bartender pictured above Raul! We went on a snorkeling trip and swam with sting rays and even saw a shark and some kind of ginormous eel! Stephanie and I were scared to death to go but with a lot of, let's call it "encouragement" from our husbands we went and we were both so glad that we did! I am hoping that my underwater camera worked so I can post some pics because it was unlike anything I had ever done! We went fishing on the reef and Kellie caught the biggest fish (again!) that girl has some crazy good luck when it comes to fishing! We laid out drank lots and had a great time! Justin and I even went on our own little tour of the island and went to lunch at Captain Morgan's toured condo's that were for sale (as if we could ever afford one) and went to the Palyapa Bar which is out on the end of a pier and up a flight of stairs. It feels like you're floating on the water. Thanks Matt for taking us with ya'll on the trip, I take back every bad thing I ever said about that island, just goes to show everything deserves a second chance! I Love Belize and I miss it.....we are going to take the kids back soon!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

30 by 30

On days like this ,around the first of spring, where the sun is shining and the birds are singing I always get motivated to do something. Anything really. I like to organize my thoughts and set some concrete goals. It's kind of like my own little New Year. I am going to be 30 on November 28Th 2010 that's only 632 days away. So I decided to make a 30 by 30 list like many of my friends have done. I think it's a great idea! For those of you who don't know what a 30 by 30 list is, it is simply a list of your goals and things that you would like to do that you have never done before. Things that maybe you have been putting off until a more convenient time. And although 30 is the new 20, there are definitely some things that I would love to do before I turn 30.

1.) Take Justin back to Montana on vacation (completed in October of 2009)
2.) Take my babies to Disneyland (Not Disney world)
3.) Get in the best shape of my life
4.) Find a church that I love
5.) Go white water rafting
6.) Swim with a dolphin
7.) Help a stranger
8.) Take dance lessons with Justin
9.) Take the kids to the pool without feeling self conscious
10.) Reach my final year of college
11.) Go on a vacation with just my mom and me :)
12.) Go to a place I have never been before (Riviera Maya in Mexico. It was an awesome trip thanks to my great friends and husband that were with me! So relaxing...)
13.) Read a book. And not Dr. Seuss...
(I read Lovely Bones! Finished it on 3/26, it was pretty good...just finished Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella...this is a really light read, great for busy mama's! Who knew I would read so many books? Just finished New Moon and Eclipse)
14.) Buy a house
15.) Paint a room any color I want
16.) Cook dinner every night for a month (this is a biggie for me)
17.) Go put flowers on my Grandpa and Grandma's grave (we went on Easter Sunday which would have meant a lot to both of them since we always spent Easter at their house growing up because my Grandpa was a preacher...and a really good one! I love you both so much and miss you like crazy...)
18.) Teach my final two kids to ride their bikes
(completed on Saturday March 7th and yes they both learned on the same day...Nicholas will not be outdone)
19.) Take Corbin and the kids camping
20.) Take Nicholas to kindergarten without crying (in front of him)
21.) Meet Justin for lunch when all the kids are in school. Just because we can...
22.) Buy a porch swing and sit on it
23.) Walk in the breast cancer 3 day
24.) Kick the boys out of the house and have a girls slumber party
25.) Spend a weekend with my grandparents before they move to Maryland
26.) Go get a Mani pedi with my daughter (did this the day before I went to Mexico, it was good mommy daughter bonding time ;)
27.) Pay off our credit card debt
28.) Take a yoga class
29.) Surprise someone with something they will love
30.) Kiss my husband on the top of Niagara Falls

I will keep you posted on my progress and cross things off the list as I accomplish them! Wish me luck!!!