Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's a Girl!!!

My sister in law and her husband recently announced they are having a girl! They are due the end of August, so pretty soon we will have a sweet little girl in our arms! As soon as the pregnant mama makes it through the hot Texas summer, poor thing!
We don't have any baby girls in the family really, Tay is the youngest one I'm ever around and let's face it, she isn't so little anymore. The new baby girl will have her big cousin Maggie to play with, and if she's anywhere near as cute as that little Maggie we're all gonna be wrapped around her finger. I'm super excited to get to hold a sweet baby for an extended period of time. I can't wait to smell that sweet baby smell again, and hear that baby babble! It has been WAY to long!
The down side? Justin was right. He said she was going to have a girl, I said boy, and I'm telling you every time my husband is right and I'm wrong my life gets a little less rosey! But that's okay, I will drown my sorrows away with a little retail therapy, buying as many bows and cute dresses as I can find! We'll see how happy he is that he was right then ;)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This past Sunday I took my kids to the Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth. I have an Art project to do for one of my classes that includes a research paper on a piece of artwork so I thought the kids would have fun if they came along. When I looked at the Amon Carter website before we left I saw that they were having a Family Fun day Sunday that day also, although I had no idea what was involved in a family fun day I thought that surely that would just make it better for the kids! So when we got there they gave each of the kids a brown paper sack for them to put their artwork in and off they went...they had mobiles that the kids could make, picture frames for them to decorate, a jewelry table and a place where the could decorate sacks. They even had a snack table with free cookies and lemonade. Nicholas made about 6 trips to the snack table and this time he came back with 7 cookies!!! In this picture I had just given him my greatest 'mommy is getting embarrassed because you've eaten about 27 cookies' look, and he's saying "WHAT!?!?"..... They all had a blast though and at the end of a nearly four hour trip to the museum I had my painting chosen for my class, and the kiddos had three brown paper sacks full of artwork that they had done by themselves. And the best part? It was completely 100% free fun! Amon Carter doesn't charge any admission and there were no charges for the crafts. Or the 27 cookies....