Friday, January 16, 2009

Thank God for my friends!!!

Okay so last night four of my friends from high school and middle school came up to my work while I was bar tending...Michelle, Brittany (crutches and all), Amber and Sara. We met up because our friend Cheryl is having a baby shower Saturday and only three of us are going to be able to go so we all went in together on a gift and we wanted to collect money, sign the card, see what our creative friend (that would be Sara) had done with the package and of course have some drinks! Michelle's boyfriend Trevor also came out for the girls night because he's a trooper....

It was a dramatic night at the bar, mostly because I had no idea how much alcohol I had given anybody. I was way too busy trying to hear all of the stories the girls were telling, so I just served drinks and ran back over to them to hear all the latest gossip! I missed the girls Christmas party because I was sick so I had a good two months, if not more, worth of stuff to get caught up on! So, Brit left first, I don't even know what time that was. Then Michelle and Trevor left, after seeing one of the guys wet his pants at the bar because he was so drunk...bless his heart...if only my friends didn't have so many great things to say I would have cut him of about 20 beers earlier. But Sara and Amber being the great friends that they are stuck around til after we closed to hang out! We took some pictures, they had drinks, and I cleaned up. Man, I got the raw end of that deal...

I'm really way too tired to be blogging right now but I wanted to document the night where my friends saved me from going insane! Work is so much better when you have your friends there to make people wetting themselves and yelling at you for having to pay for drinks that they drank (gasp!) seem funny! Thanks to all four of you girls, and the brave boy, for coming up to see me last night! I had fun catching up with you and can't wait until Cheryl's shower on Saturday!


  1. I love being so cool and entertaining. It's hard work... but someones gotta do it. ;) ha! j/k

    That guy was a tool... bitching about red-bull. I told him to shut up because we went to high school together and I would kick his ass if talked about my friend. I think he was just jealous we had the bartender hook-up!

    Have fun at the shower! I'll be there in spirit!

  2. I had no idea! I am so bummed that I didn't get to be there.

    Thanks for coming to the shower. I loved everything - especially the diaper bag. I was SO GLAD when I opened that because it was one of the items that I REALLY wanted to get. LOVE IT! LOVE YOU!