Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Year...New Blog!!

Okay, well I'm going to follow all my friends leads and start a blog! After finding out that you could make a book out of it I was sold!

I have to say 2009 is looking pretty good, except for the devastating loss for the Chargers on Sunday! Now, people assume that I am a Chargers fan because we are from San Diego, however, a Chargers fan is not something I chose to be but rather something that was forced upon me by my parents and my brother. Matt is quite possibly one of the most die hard Chargers fans there is or ever will be...think Cheryl and Peyton Manning or Justin and chocolate shakes! We have also managed to convert Justin into as much of a Chargers fan as we can. It's difficult when every time they get to the playoffs they lose. Sorry Matt, there's always next year!

After watching that sad, sad game we came home from No Frills Grill with my husbands two college roommates John and Jordan and had a little post game party! We invited our friends Brian and Kristin over also and we just played Cranium and hung out. We rarely get together at our house like this because the kids are there and they are usually sleeping but they were so excited to see company walk through the door they could hardly stand it! They think that Big John and Jordan are the coolest friends any Dad could ever have and the fact that Big John is actually bigger than Daddy just blows their mind! It took about 4 seconds after he walked in the door and John had found the cookies on a stick that our 4 year old, Nicholas, had baked that morning and was so excited (see above picture). What could be better for a single 30 year old man than some cold beer and cookie on a stick? Who knew? I've posted an after shot also, it was taken about 30 seconds after the first picture and yes, I do believe he ate part of the stick also...

In other Holcomb news for the new year, I must announce that we are going to be an Aunt and Uncle again! Justin's sister and her husband are expecting their first baby around the end of August. We are so excited! Justin for some reason thinks that he knows the sex of every pregnant woman's unborn child (because he's guessed correctly twice in his life) and has announced that he is sure they are going to have a girl, so we will see, I mean he does have a 50/50 shot! We have an 8 year old nephew, my brothers son, so we would love a little girl and it will be fun to have a baby around again! Especially since we can send this one home with someone else!


  1. I love the new blog! Yay for you and yay for me to get to read it all the time.

    That Chargers loss was brutal, but at least it wasn't a quick, sharp stabbing loss in overtime like the Colts. I am so sad.

    Guess I'm gonna have to pull for the Steelers now because that is where Freddy's family is from. Besides, with the Giants out (the OTHER Manning), I'm no longer invested in the playoffs.

  2. Christen, your blog is hilarious, I want a cookie on a stick!!! I love it! Yay for copy-cats! Now start a blog roll... and add me to it!

    See ya Thursday chica!

  3. Yeah, what a great idea! Thanks for sending me the pics of John and Jordan, they are hilarious! I want a game rematch, the guys cheated!