Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Brother

So I watched Private Practice on Thursday and was about ready to jump off a bridge by the time it was over... I bawled my eyes out! Anyone who hasn't seen it needs to watch it NOW!! I, like Addison adore my big brother and always have. He is my only sibling and I'm glad because I know I could never love any other person in the world in the same way that I love my brother, so I decided to blog about him and share a little of his greatness with the world (or the five people who read my blog)! Sorry brother it's the best I could do :)

My brother is one of the greatest people that I know. He was over this past Saturday for a birthday celebration at my house for his son's 9th birthday. He is no ordinary Uncle to my kids, he is Super Uncle. I can have all three kids hanging on me all day whining about pretty much everything but the instant my brother walks through the door it's instant smiles and although they are still all crazy, they are happy and crazy which beats the heck out of whining and crazy! My brother is 15 months older than me and has this unlimited supply of energy. If the kids want to go outside to play ball, he goes outside to play ball. If they want to wrestle, he's the first one on the floor. If they want to go down to the school and play basketball, they are in the back of his truck before I know it and gone. It's great!

I had this big dream, when I found out in the fall of 1999 that I was going to be Aunt, that I was going to be the coolest Aunt in the world. I was going to babysit and take my nephew everywhere and he would love me. Not just because I was his Aunt but because I was the cool Aunt who let him do whatever he wanted and I wouldn't have kids for years so I would just focus on him! God had another plan for me however, and 2 weeks after my nephew, Corbin, was born I found out I was pregnant. Taylor and Corbin are 8 months and 19 days apart in age and have been two peas in a pod since they were tiny babies. They are a little version of Matt and me and I love it! Matt and I always got along, he says there were a couple of years when we were about 9 and 10 that we fought but I don't remember that. Probably because he was so nice to me all the time and I was a big pain! But to me he was my best friend. All his friends were my friends and he was so good to avoid my friends. Except Jennifer in the back of that truck.....we won't go there. Anyways, he's a great guy, father,brother, Uncle, son and friend!!! Just wanted to say I love you brother, even though you think my blog is stupid and I use bad grammar and I spelled bartending as two words (which wasn't my fault, spell check did that) I am lucky to have you...

Love, Sister

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